The term geomorphology refers to the ‘geologic shape’ of the seafloor.  A wide variety of Earth processes generates various types of seafloor features.

Below are links to BEAMS student research posters, grouped by the type of seafloor feature studied. A general description of each geomorphologic category is shown in parentheses.

Scarps and Terraces (Cliff-like features, sometimes occurring with stair-step terraces.)     

Coral Mounds (Large-scale bioherms constructed from accumulated exoskeletons of dead deep-sea coral.) 

Submarine Canyons (Giant canyons, similar to those on land, cut into continental margins.) 

Seamounts (Volcanoes that originated on the seafloor.)   

Tectonic Features (Large-scale features formed at tectonic plate boundaries, such as mid-ocean ridges, fracture zones, and trenches.) 

Bedforms (Seabed features such as channels, small to large ripples, and giant sediment waves.)   

Geomorphology Highlight Movies (Take a virtual tour of several sites, along ROV dive paths.)